Can You Drink Thin Liquids Within 1 Hour of Taking Nexium?


Asked by Tammy

Can You Drink Coffee, Water, Juices (Liquids, Not Thick Drinks) Within 1 Hour Before Or After?

Can you drink coffee, water, juices (thin liquids, not thick or malted liquids) within the 1 hour after taking Nexium? Also, the directions state, not to eat for 1 hour AFTER taking the pill, should you also not eat (or drink???) 1 hour before? Is the notion to NOT have anything in the stomach, or not to interfere with the drug's process after taking it?



Hi Tammy,

It's recommended that you take Nexium 1 hour before breakfast, so that you will have an empty stomach. The drug gets absorbed into the body during that hour, and then when you eat, it won't affect the drug at all. I think thin liquids would probably be okay during the 1 hour time period, as the prescribing information doesn't say anything about not drinking during that hour. I hope this helps!


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