Driving Tips to Keep Your Back Comfortable

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After reading part 1 of the B.E.E.P. tips for finding a low-back-pain-friendly vehicle, you have** Become seat wise and have E** liminated reaching.  Now it is time to continue your search with more tips for finding the most comfortable vehicle for your sore back.

Eliminate Bumps...As our roadways deteriorate, more potholes and bumps are created.  Suddenly hitting one of those hazards in your car can send your back pain through the roof.  Weathering road hazards is best done in a vehicle with good suspension and shock absorption.  Vehicles built on a truck chassis usually ride stiff; hence the expression: "It rides like a truck". Sedans are usually built on suspension systems that strive for smoother rides.  Sports car suspensions systems are very good for racing around a track, but may be too stiff and unforgiving for you.   Of course, the luxury car models are usually well known for smooth rides.  You might think that buying a luxury car will break your budget.  However, a good bargain hunter might be able to find an affordable used luxury car.  And for those of you that really like to get down into the nuts and gears of things, some cars like the Chrysler 300M prior to 2011 was built on a Mercedes E500 chassis. By knowing the manufacturing history of a vehicle, you can get all the luxury parts without the luxury sticker shock.  Take a test drive and/or do your homework to find the best way to a smoother ride.

_P _** ick an Automatic**...A manual transmission might be fun at first; but as time goes on, you will realize that the amount of legwork done during the evening commute really takes its toll on your low back. Frequently picking up the weight of your leg causes extra stress on the low back.  If you really insist on having some manual control over what the transmission is doing, look for paddle shifters in your next car.  These hand controls require less work and can be quite fun to experience.  Overall, most people with low back pain prefer an automatic transmission in their vehicles because it is less work to drive.

These B.E.E.P. tips:

B ecome Seat Wise

E liminate Reaching

Eliminate Bumps

Pick an Automatic

can help you pick a low-back-pain-friendly vehicle.  With a comfortable car, you will be able to get out more and enjoy life.  Beep Beep!

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