Drooling In Sleep Problem?


Asked by texasleo/Kevin

Drooling In Sleep Problem?

I have noticed I've been drooling a lot more than normal. I woke up the other night and had to get a towel to wipe my face off. Is this a side effect of the drugs I'm taking?


Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure what medications you're taking, so it's probably best to ask your doctor about that. There are some ways you can help ease drooling during sleep, however. Some steps you can take include sleeping on your back, breathing through your nose instead of your mouth, and being tested for sleep apnea (which can cause excessive drooling). Sometimes allergies and sinus problems can cause post-nasal drip and excessive saliva, so try showering before bed or taking allergy meds to control these conditions.

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Best of luck to you!


Answered by Amy Tudor