Is There a drug to Sedate an Angry Dementia Patient?


Asked by mike

Is There A Drug To Sedate The Anger Out Of A Dementia Patient?

My dad is 73 yrs. very good shape physically and is very anger a violent towards my mom. Is there a drug that can calm him down. He won't bath, stays up all night and destroys the house.


Hi Mike

There are a number of different medications that can be used to help people with Alzheimer's disease that become aggressive or violent. There are anti psychotic medications, tranquillizers such as valium and ativan and there are now mood stabilizing medications too. You need to see a doctor specializing in dementia care to see which, if any, will help your father.

Most violent episodes linked to dementia are a feature that does go away as the disease progresses, so it is important that any medication is frequently reviewed. Medication can be fantastic and can help in the short term. They also have side effects that can adversely affect people with Alzheimer's and there is a lot of research that suggests that they shorten life.

Dealing with aggression is very hard for you all. You must get help to diagnose its cause and see what treatment plan will be best.

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