Drug Test From Pm Doctor Showed Methadone And I Don't Even Know What That Is And Didnt Take!


Asked by letsgoblues725

Drug Test From Pm Doctor Showed Methadone And I Don't Even Know What That Is And Didnt Take!

I need some help here and fast! I suffer from chronic pain and see a PM doctor and I am prescribed hydrocodone. I go for monthly visits and when I went on Feb 22nd my doctor gave me a drug test. All I did was pee in a cup, hand it to his wife and sign a paper authorizing the lab to bill me.

Today, I got a letter from my doctor saying they were unable to see me as a patient anymore. I called and the doctor said my drug test showed I had taken methadone. I do not even know what methadone is!!!

I was given the number to the lab and the toxicologist is susposed to call me back tomorrow as he wasnt in today. When I took the test, I was not given a form to fill out to list medications I was on. At the time, I had a respiratory infection and had been taking benadryl and Mucinex at the advise of the pharmacist until i went in to see my doctor. I took those medications the morning of the test as well.

Is it possible that the over the countet medications i took cause a false/positive on the methadone?? I have honestly never even heard of methadone. Hydrocodone has controlled my pain for the past fifteen years. My doctor said methadone is a drug used to get off of pain pills, so why would i take a drug to get off of them then go in and get my prescription FOR them?? My doctor will not let me come in and retest. He said the toxicocoligist would have to call him.

What should I do here. I am due for my medicine on the 22nd and cannot be without them. Not only do i need them to live my life, i would also have withdrawls. I'm completely lost here as i've never even heard of the drug they are accusing me of taking? Should i get an attorney as this is now on my medical record? Will the toxicologist help me once I tell him what all I was taking when I took the test that he didn't know about??

Please if anyone has some information to help me let me know what I should do.

Thanks. Tara


Benadryl can cause a false positive for methadone on a urine drug test. Whoever gave you the test should have asked what medications you were taking. The toxicologist should be able to help you once he knows about the respiratory medications you were taking. If he won't help for some reason, I would certainly talk to an attorney to find out what your rights are in your state. Good luck!

Answered by Karen Lee Richards