Drug Testing With Adhd Medicine?


Asked by raaza90

Drug Testing With Adhd Medicine?

I've been suspicious of having ADHD for a while now and my symptoms have become unbearable and makes going about daily life a chore. Earlier my friend gave me 2 54mg concertas, after the pills kicked in it defiantly helped my symptoms and seemed to help with my depression also. I talked to my mother (I am 16 by the way, I mention this because I know that I can't give legal consent for anything until I'm 18.) and she said she'd take me down to the clinic to see if I can get a prescription for it. I know Concerta and other ADHD pills are Schedual II drugs, so I am worried about the drug testing. I smoke marijuana, I'm not an everyday smoker but I would say I do it regularly, (Note: I've had these problems before I started smoking marijuana so it is not the problem. Honstly, marijuana actually helps some of my problems.) As of now, I wouldn't pass a drug test for THC and I am wondering if I went to get the medication, would I be tested for it? If I am tested and I test positive, will I still be givin a prescription? Also, would the doctor tell my mother? (She does not know I smoke.) Thank you for your answers.


Thank you for your question.

It is not a normal procedure to test for other drugs, such as marijuana, before prescribing medication for ADHD. However, your doctor should complete an evaluation before just prescribing you the medication. He may ask you about any drug use and you should answer honestly. To best treat you, he should know about all medications (including street drugs) you take and could interfere with other medications.


Answered by Eileen Bailey