Drug shows promise at lifting depression quickly

Researchers at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Nevada have found promising results for an antidepressant that may be able to lift a person’s mood within 24 hours instead of taking weeks to have an effect. Not only is it fast-acting, but it also appears to have long-term effects, based on a study with mice.

The drug has been shown by previous researchers to cause a rapid antidepressant effect in animals by blocking one of the brain's signaling chemicals. The researchers zeroed in on the drug through “virtual screening,” a method that uses computer modeling to identify drugs likely to interact with particular receptors in the brain.

Following the virtual screening, the researchers tested its effects in cell cultures and then mice. In addition to its antidepressant properties, it also, according to the scientists, appears unlikely to  become addictive.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Fast-acting antidepressant appears within reach