Drunk YouTube videos show only part of story

We've all seen YouTube videos of drunk people acting silly. But a study at the University of Pittsburgh says that all those funny videos may be skewing the attitudes of young people about drinking because they rarely show any negative consequences. The findings were published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

The researchers watched 70 popular YouTube videos of drunk people.   The videos had a combined 300 million views. They then noted if the video had certain characteristics, such as a particular brand of alcohol, if humor or games were involved, or if consequences were conveyed, such as hangover or injury.

The results revealed 80 percent of the videos combined drunkenness with humor, whereas 17 percent had a negative consequence. Only seven percent discussed alcohol dependence. Meanwhile, 44 percent of the videos referred to a specific alcohol brand.

Given the popularity of YouTube, the researchers suggested that public health officials should consider it as way to get across the message that excessive drinking can also lead to bad outcomes.

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Sourced from: livescience.com, Drunk on YouTube: Funny Videos Don't Tell the Whole Story