Dry Cough That Worsens At Night.


Asked by tahitisweeti

Dry Cough That Worsens At Night.

I have recently begun coughing a dry cough that worsens at night. It began a week ago on Sunday and has not gotten any better. I take DayQuil during the day, and it suppresses the coughing. I've been drinking warm water with honey and also hot tea to soothe my throat, but it doesn't seem to be helping the cough. The only other thing I feel is a bit of congestion in my chest. My temperature is fine and I don't feel any other symptoms of a cold. Could anyone tell me what may be wrong?


The only way to get an accurate diagnosis for your problems is to call your family physician and have him or her assess you. Once you have a proper diagnosis, I'm certain your doctor will have the best remedy for your symptoms.

Dry coughs can be caused by acid reflux, smoking, allergies, or any number of things. This is why a diagnosis by a doctor is best.

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Answered by John Bottrell