Can You Get The Dry Heaves, And Hickups From Acid Reflux


Asked by Jeffery Gale

Can You Get The Dry Heaves, And Hickups From Acid Reflux

When I have an attack I often get large amounts of slavia in my mouth, I also get the dry heaves, only a white substance comes up. I also get hiccups. Can you please give me some info on how this problem can be corrected.


With nausea being a common symptom of acid reflux, getting the dry heaves as well wouldn't be uncommon. With all that stuff "fluxing" up and down your esophagus between your stomach and your mouth, it's no wonder.

Hiccups are also common with acid reflux. A hiccup is a reflex that results when your diaphragm suddenly contracts. Eating too quickly, overeating, drinking alcohol or carbonated beverages, and swallowing air (say when smoking or because you're stressed and gulping air) -- all things known to aggravate acid reflux/GERD -- can also bring on a persistent bout of hiccups. To remedy this, try to eat and drink slowly in small portions, reduce stress, avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks, and don't smoke.

Above all, be sure to tell your doctor about these symptoms or any others related to acid reflux/GERD.

I hope this is helpful to you. - MG

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