Dry Patches On One Breast


Asked by mmschane

Dry Patches On One Breast

I have no family history of breast cancer, and I have been up on my mammograms, I just have one breast that is dry and flaky off and on??? and sometimes it's on both but most of the time it is on the right. it is not the nipple it is only on the areola part of it. and sometimes it can itch but not all the time. This only appears from time to time.


Hi - With both breasts involved, and the dryness happening on and off, rather than being constant and worsening, I'd say it sounds like you have a skin condition. Have you changed laundry soap or shower gel? Probably it would be good to see a dermatologist, see what's going on. Sounds fairly uncomfortable - it would be nice to get it treated! Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel