During Chemo: Foods To Have, Foods To Avoid....


Asked by Peglove

During Chemo: Foods To Have, Foods To Avoid....

I am having TC in Feb. I wanted to know what I should eat now to get me started? What will I have to avoid? I know you feel pretty sick, so I will probably not have issues with what to avoid...but what should I try to eat to make this experience less harmful?

Are there some good foods that pack a good punch i should be aware of?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...


Peg, don't assume you'll feel sick, OK? It's not a given. Some women feel vaguely queasy; some are fine; some feel quite nauseous, and there's no way to tell ahead of time. But TAKE THE DRUGS they offer you, OK? This is no time to keep a stiff upper lip.

I assume you've read our chemo series, but if not - start here, OK? Basically, don't eat any of your favorite foods, for fear they'll no longer be your favorites, post-chemo. Chew ice chips the first 5 minutes of the infusion to lessen your chance of mouth sores. Also to help prevent sores, lay off the super-spicy foods, anything that'll possibly irritate your mouth. Crackers are always good; ginger has been proven to quell nausea, so sip ginger ale or ginger tea.

Beyond that - once you go through the first treatment, you'll know bettr what to expect. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel