Asked by Melis

Ear Ringing


For the past month or so I have noticed that sometimes one of my ears will feel like it's popped (noises sound muffled) and when this happens I have a ringing in that ear. It's always just been either my right or left ear, not both at the same time. Sometimes it comes on for no reason, other times I've noticed that loud noises seem to trigger it. Is this MS, or is it something else? I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks and plan on asking about it then, I just want to make sure I'm not crazy! If anyone has heard of this or has experienced this let me know! Thanks so much!!!!



Hi Melis,

Just to let you know that I am also an MSer who has constant ringing in her ears. I had some slight ringing years before dx but thought that it had to do with being a professional brass player and sometimes having to sit in front of trumpets or percussion.

But now in addition to ringing, I will have roaring and am rather sound sensitive. Like Mike, certain environments truly bother me and often make the ringing louder. Sometimes sounds actually an anvil being struck inside my head.

When I first asked my neurologist about this four years ago, he didn't think that it was MS-related. But based on how it has changed and really does seem nerve-related, we've determined that I'm just one of the few MSers (he has) to have my auditory nerves affected without visible sign of lesions.

Definitely ask your doctor about it and try to describe what it is like, what triggers it, how does it change (if it does), etc....

Answered by Lisa Emrich