Early Morning Nausea And Vomiting--male


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Early Morning Nausea And Vomiting--male

every am my husband has nausea and very small amount of vomiting, no food comes up, mainly just sputum and phelgm. He is also unable to drink cold liquids any time of day except beer. He has dx of Barretts,with no dysplasia,but has never had any s or s of GERD. He has taken Prilosec, Zantac, Prevacid, and Pepcid. Dramine offers some help with the nausea, but I'm sure their is a bigger problem. He had his second endoscopy yesterday, Dr doing procedur told us things look preety much same as last year, he also said he has a very small amount of the abmormal tissue that is Barretts. He has lost 15 # in past3-4 months, he also had same symptoms about this same time last year. All Labs are normal. any thoughts on this would be appreciated. to see PCP next week thonks.


My Mom has increased symptoms every spring leading us to believe that her spring time allergies play into her reflux issues somewhat. We don't know why - we just know this to be true for her. Taking allergy meds doesn't help though - she normally needs to increase her reflux meds temporarily each spring.

On the other hand, nausea and sputum/phlegm each morning can be signs of reflux. So many of us (myself included) miss the less commonly known symptoms of reflux and it's only until the "heartburn" is felt do we realize the other symptoms were in fact part of reflux. I went for years with a chronic cough/throat clearing before I realized (once I got "true" heartburn) that they were due to reflux.

Best of Luck - Stephanie

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