Eat Raw Food At Every Meal Starting Today!

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Eat Raw Food At Every Meal Starting Today

Aging is the road we are all required to walk, and as we make our way changes will accompany each step. In my 20s I said goodbye to my dark hair and hello to a touch of grey. In my late 40s, lines intruded on my once smooth and flawless skin. Then aches and pains presented in parts of my body that had been used for so long. It's all good, though. Everyone pays and there are no exceptions to that universal rule.

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We can interrupt the process though, and why not? Wanting more of a good thing is natural. Dye your hair, get a little nip and tuck here and there, it's all a part of temporary relief.

There are invisible changes we can address, too, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A change of diet, some exercise, a few meds and we are right as rain. Yet there are other secret changes such as the changes in bodily enzymes, that are less high-profile, but just as subject to necessary repair.

Digestive EnzymesI began taking digestive enzymes this year, right around my 51st birthday. ** As we age, the ability to make digestive enzymes decreases**. Digestive enzymes facilitate the chemical breakdown of food into absorbable components. Enzymes called amylases break down starches into sugar molecules. Proteases break down proteins into amino acids, and lipase breaks down fat into its component parts.

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Enzyme SupplementsThere are quite a few popular ** digestive enzyme supplements that are available without prescription**. The challenge here is that these diet supplements have not been tested the same as most drugs. While there is a good deal of information, the information is not definitive.

Fortunately, the risks of taking over-the-counter enzymes are minimal unless they are taken in extreme doses. Examples of side effects include: Gastrointestinal upset or mild irritation for some; Bromelain, the enzyme from the pineapple, might have anti-platelet activity (preventing blood from clotting). Thus people who take blood thinners or who have anti-platelet activity run the theoretic risk for increased bleeding; Some children with cystic fibrosis have had adverse reactions and gotten the colon disorder fibrosing colonopathy.

Eat Raw Food with Every Meal

Society no longer performs in a way that is advantageous to proper enzyme and digestive function. The foods we now eat are mostly cooked, often under a high heat. A dry heat at 150 degrees Fahrenheit and a wet heat at 118 degrees Fahrenheit destroy enzymes. In addition, the environmental and emotional stress we experience also depletes our bodies of the nutrients we need.

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It has been shown that eating some kind of raw food with every meal provides the body with the natural enzymes needed for digestion. Foods that are rich in live enzymes are pineapple, avocado, grapes, papaya, and soaked or sprouted nuts and seeds. Organic or locally grown fresh foods are recommended whereas commercially-grown produce is a poor source of enzymes.

It may take several weeks for your body to adjust to the introduction of raw foods. You may experience gas and/or bloating and it is not unusual to experience changes in appetite and energy levels.

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