Eat Well to Ease Mental Health Symptoms


In an analysis of studies involving about 46,000 people, researchers found evidence that weight loss and better nutrition can positively affect mental health and ease symptoms of depression and anxiety, even in people who don’t have diagnosed mental health problems. Results of this analysis, which included 16 clinical trials of diets for mental health disorders — primarily non-clinical depression — were published in Psychosomatic Medicine.

According to the researchers, any dietary improvement can have a beneficial effect on mental health and depressive symptoms, including weight loss, dietary fat reduction, and adding more nutrients to your diet. They recommend eating fresh vegetables and foods that add dietary fiber, as well as cutting back on processed foods and refined sugars.

When it comes to mental health, the benefits of a nutritious diet could be related to lower rates of obesity, inflammation, and/or fatigue. This research showed a greater link between diet and symptoms of depression and anxiety in women than in men, but the reasons for this are not yet understood.

Sourced from: Psychosomatic Medicine