Eating rice cold lowers calories

Cutting carbohydrates has become a popular way to lose weight, but researchers may have found a way to have your rice and eat it, too.

Sri Lankan researchers have told the American Chemical Society how cooling rice after boiling it with coconut oil made the starch in it less digestible so the body would take on less fuel than it otherwise would. They tested 38 varieties of rice to find the best way to boost something called “resistant starch,” which is a type of starch that is more resilient to the enzymes the body uses to break down carbohydrates in the gut, meaning less of it is absorbed in the body. Researchers found that cooling was essential in making the rice less caloric, because amylose, the soluble part of the starch, leaves the rice during gelatinization and turns it in to a resistant starch.

More studies need to be done to see the best ways to do this, like using a different kind of oil and what kind of rice works best. Also, potential health effects must be more heavily researched.

If more developments are made, especially to other kinds of carbs, cutting carbs may become a thing of the past.

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Sourced from: BBC, 'Eat rice cold for fewer calories'