Are yogurt's benefits exaggerated?

Maybe eating yogurt every day isn't the great health habit it's made out to be. New research from the University of Madrid suggests that eating it regularly may not benefit your health all that much.

The researchers looked at the yogurt consumption habits of 4,445 Spanish adults, and compared that data to surveys they were given measuring their health-related quality of life for an average 3.5 years. Their findings, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, suggest that those who ate yogurt regularly did not exhibit any noticeable improvements in their quality of life assessment, and although there was some indication that it provided a slight increase in mood, there wasn’t enough statistical evidence to support it.

Participants who did not consume yogurt daily reported similar quality of life scores as those who consumed at least one serving of yogurt a day. These results were comparable to the participants that had no diagnosed illness, weren’t smokers, or followed the Mediterranean diet.

Because the researchers only assessed yogurt consumption at the beginning of the study, individual levels of yogurt consumption could have changed throughout the study period, affecting the data results. Additionally, researchers didn’t look at other dietary items that could potentially have offset the potentially healthful effects of yogurt.

The researchers hope to help organizations like the U.S. Department of Agriculture examine and evaluate claims from the dairy industry concerning the positive effects of yogurt.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today , Eating yogurt regularly does not improve health, quality of life