How Much Do Echocardiogram Tests Cost


Asked by Peggy Melin

How Much Do Echocardiogram Tests Cost

How much does an echocardiogram test cost? I understand that tests conducted in a hospital cost more than the same test conducted in a private practice. I do not have insurance, need an echocardiogram, and have been told that this test costs $1400 at the hospital in Chapel Hill. I live in Raleigh and want to know if and where I can get one done for less money. Thank you.


As Scooter said, the costs will vary from place to place, but most places will give a discount if you pay cash up front, so be sure to ask.   I've heard of discounts anywhere from 20 - 70%, so it's definitely worth asking.   Be sure to ask about a discount with the doctor who reads the results, too.

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