Eeg For Atypical Migraine Symptoms?


Asked by Spudgirl

Eeg For Atypical Migraine Symptoms?

Will an EEG pick up abnormalities even if I am not having a migraine at the time the test is run? I have had migraines for 'ever', but lately they have changed and I am now experiencing some neurological symptoms. My GP wants an EEG to check things out. The question is -- will the EEG show anything strange if I am not in the midst of a headache or experiencing the weird symptoms?


Hey there Spud,

I'm sure the doctor is just being cautious. It is a good idea to check things out when our Migraine patterns or symptoms change, which it sounds like they have.

Dr. Krusz and Teri answered a question very similar to this and you can read more about that is this question, EEG shows "Migraine variant/variance?"

I hope that helps,


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk