Egg Size Painless Lump Under Armpit


Asked by arg

Egg Size Painless Lump Under Armpit


I noticed swelling a few weeks ago under both armpits. now when shaving I noticed the lump under both armpits have gotten larger, similiar to the size of an egg. I have been attempting to treat this with an anti-inflammatory but there has been no change over the last couple of days. The areas have been slow growing, are not painful nor red. I was hoping the antiinflammatories would work prior to seeing my doctor but so far there has been no change. Has anyone had this type of lump under both armpits at the same time?


Ang, as Patti points out, lymph nodes can swell when they are doing their job of fighting infection. When we have minor infections, our bodies can often deal with them without a doctor's intervention in a week to ten days, and swollen lymph nodes may be perfectly normal in that case although that size sounds big to me. Generally, a symptom that occurs on both sides at the same time is not likely to be breast cancer, but egg size lumps need to be checked out by the doctor, especially if they have been there more than a week or two.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson