Electrical Shock Feeling In Foot?


Asked by rosa pike

Electrical Shock Feeling In Foot?

My husband has tingling, burning feet that feel like he's having electrical shocks in them. We've been to a few doctors but we've got no answers. They start bothering him at night when the pain starts in his toes and runs to the bottom of his feet. He can hardly walk on them when he wakes up in the morning! Anyone know what this problem is?



You've gotten some good advice from our community members, but allow me to second their suggestion of continuing to seek answers from your doctor. Pain and other issues like this are often difficult to diagnose without being willing to seek another opinion, but your husband's quality of life would likely dramatically improve if he were diagnosed. It's impossible to know for sure if this is a nerve issue, but it does sound like it could be related. Please talk to your husband's doctor about getting a real answer. And good luck!

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