Elevated White Cell Count


Asked by Scretes

Elevated White Cell Count

Is it normal to have an elevated white blood cell count, even if you are feeling fine. Mine reading was 12.8 the other day, and I believe the "normal" range is between 4 - 10. My doctor tells me I must have been fighting an infection or fever, or something. That just didn't sit right with me.


Your count was elevated above normal but it just skirted the normal range. White blood cell counts can be elevated for several reasons including an infection (even a minor one), by exercise and even just by stress. Its also the possible that your normal white blood count is in the higher range and that it didn't take much stress or much of an infection to push it higher than the normal range.

Doctors generally look at a range of factors to determine if anything is going on; if the rest of your labs are normal and you're not displaying any other symptoms then small abnormalities like your WBC that show up in isolation are generally not a cause for concern.