Who Else But Mallinkrt Makes A 30mg Oxycodone?


Asked by bad legs

Who Else But Mallinkrt Makes A 30mg Oxycodone?


According to the FDA's site, the following manufacturers make oxycodone 30 mg.:

Actavis Totowa

Avanthi, Inc.


KV Pharm


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc.

Vintage Pharmaceuticals

Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals

In my experience (I don't have insurance either), the only free and low-cost programs available from drug manufacturers are for medications that are still under patent and only available as brand names. I think once a drug goes generic, they consider it to already be low-cost -; although, I know oxycodone is still pretty expensive even as a generic.

My best suggestion is to try the PPARx site. When you fill in your information, they will tell you any prescription programs you might qualify for -; even state and other programs not necessarily associated with the drug manufacturers.

Good luck! I can sympathize with your situation.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards