Can Emg Hurt The Sciatica Nerve


Asked by blairks

Can Emg Hurt The Sciatica Nerve

I had an emg but have sciatic nerve damage and they are stating its clear but unsure if I had correct test due to he did not do the back area for damage.


Although an electrodiagnostic test is not the most comfortable experience, this test will not damage the nerve. The electromyographic (EMG) portion of the test merely involves the insertion of tiny needles (the size of accupunture needles) into the muscle in order the measure the electrical activity of the muscles. Because the nerves connect to the muscles, an EMG helps to diagnose nerve problems. Most of the muscles tested for sciatic nerve issues actually are in the calf (lower leg). The sciatic nerve is a large bundles of nerves that eventually connect to muscles in the calf and foot.

The nerve conduction portion of an electrodiagnostic test will also involve many tests involving the lower leg where the nerves end. In general, looking for proximal nerve damage at the nerve root, the lumbar-sacral plexus, and the sciatic nerve will involve a combination of EMG testing of key muscle groups and some nerve conduction tests usually in the lower leg.

Every practioner has his/her own way to conduct the test because there is more than one way to put a puzzle together.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD