Can Emotional Stress Cause Tia?


Asked by bboosmommy

Can Emotional Stress Cause Tia?

My mom was told yesterday that her brain MRI showed that she had had a TIA. She also has history of heart issues. Her cardiac echo was also a bad report. What is the chance that stress can add to the cause(s) of the TIA? I am researching every avenue so I can educate myself and help her.


Yes, a TIA can be triggered by emotional stress. Stress is very hard on the body and causes physical changes that can lead to many different health problems, including a TIA. Here is a link to an article that explains more about it: A Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Can Be Triggered by Stress

I have a close friend who suffered a full-blown stroke due to stress. She had none of the typical physical problems that would cause a stroke, like clogged arteries, but had been under severe emotional stress due to a family problem. Her doctors said it was the stress that triggered the stroke.

In addition to reducing stress, here is a link to some other things your mother can do to help prevent another TIA or a stroke: TIA Prevention

Answered by Karen Lee Richards