Enbrel Vs Cimzia


Asked by Andrea1077

Enbrel Vs Cimzia

i have to decide between enbrel and cimzia and it will be my first time with an injectable drug. what have been your experiences, which should i try first? my dr suggested the cimzia once a month b/c of my active lifestyle (i travel often for work and pleasure, several times a month); but i am concerned b/c it seems more people have less reaction/side effects with enbrel.

she would like me to continue the methotrexate as well but at a smaller dose b/c my liver numbers were very high during my last visit.


Hi, Andrea,

I have never taken Embrel or Cimzia. I take Humira. My doc gave me a choice of Humira or Simponi. I chose Humira because it has been around longer. I don't know if that would be a consideration for you, but that is how I made my decision. LOL I know some people on this site take Embrel. Hopefully, one of them will see your question.

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Answered by Vanessa Collins