Energy Drinks Pose Serious Health Risks


Any short-term benefits of energy drinks are outweighed by their serious health risks, say Harvard School of Public Health researchers who reviewed current studies on the health effects of these products.

According to this new analysis, which was published in Frontiers in Public Health, adverse effects of energy drinks include increased risk-seeking behavior, mental health problems, high blood pressure, kidney damage, and obesity. The study authors also highlighted the dangers of mixing these beverages with alcohol and recommended restricting the sale of energy drinks to children and teens as well as setting caffeine limits for the beverages.

Most energy drinks contain similar ingredients – water, sugar, caffeine, vitamins and minerals, and stimulants like guarana, taurine, or ginseng. Some contain as much as 100 mg caffeine per ounce – eight times more than an average cup of coffee. Despite numerous studies calling into question the safety of these products, energy drink consumption continues to grow, especially among young people.

Sourced from: Frontiers in Public Health