Energy drinks and booze may encourage drunk driving

If you're in the habit of  ordering a Redbull Vodka or any other drink that combines and energy drink with alcohol, you may be more likely to drive drunk.

Researchers at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, surveyed 355 college students, with 281 who said they drank alcohol within the last month and 107 who reported combining alcohol and energy drinks.

The research found that among people who combined alcohol and energy drinks, 57 percent said they had driven when they knew they were too drunk to drive. Of only alcohol drinkers, 44 percent said they had driven while drunk.

The study author, Conrad L. Woosley, stated that this might be because energy drinks “change the brain chemistry to make you more confident.” People who consumed both alcohol and energy drinks also showed more risky behavior when compared to people who consumed just alcohol, such as being more likely to drive even when they knew they were over the legal limit, or get in a car whose driver had drunk too much alcohol to drive safely. This may be also because people who drink energy drinks are higher risk-takers in general, according to Woosley.

The researchers said their study shows that people need to become more aware of the risks of combining different stimulants and depressants, such as alcohol and energy drinks.

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Sourced from: Live Science , Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol May Encourage Drunk Driving