Energy drinks raise blood pressure

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that energy drinks increased the resting blood pressure of healthy young adults who don’t normally consume caffeine, raising concern that these drinks may increase the risk of a cardiac event.

To conduct their study, the researchers alternated between giving a can of a commercially available energy drink or a placebo drink to 25 healthy young adults, age 19 to 40, and assessed changes in heart rate and blood pressure. Blood pressure and heart rate were recorded before and 30 minutes after energy drink/placebo drink consumption, and were also compared between those who were used to consuming less than 160 mg of caffeine per day and regular caffeine users (those consuming more than 160 mg of caffeine per day).

The results showed that the participants had a definite rise in blood pressure after consuming the energy drink as compared to the placebo, especially in those who didn’t normally consume caffeine. For those people, the blood pressure increase was more than double than it was for others.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Energy drinks raise resting blood pressure, with effect most dramatic in those not used to caffeine