Mike Day

You've had your way with me long enough It's time to fight back and be tough

Too many nights you've robbed my sleep And made me dance and scream and weep

You've had me at your beckon call, But I've grown stronger through it all

Instead of sinking deeper still Your cruelty has steeled my will

And now too late you'll see what's true While you feed on me, I feed on you.

No longer will you run my life And keep me from my kids and wife

No longer will I cry in despair No more complaints that it's not fair

Yes, you'll continue to pound my head, But I'll no longer live in dread

I'll live to the fullest between hits Until you finally call it quits

I'm stronger now because of you I share my strength with others, too.

So until next time you demon spawn This attack is over, now be gone!

*The term "dance" above refers to the rocking, pacing and head banging cluster headache sufferers do during a cluster headache attack.

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