Erectile Dysfunction At Age 20?


Asked by sokatoa0524

Erectile Dysfunction At Age 20?

I am 20 years old and have recently started being sexually active with my girlfriend. Before we began actually touching one another, I could maintain an erection fine and had no issues with erections and ejaculation while masturating. As soon as we began touching one another, I was unable to maintain an erection for long. Sometimes I can't get one at all. What's wrong with me?


This sounds like a case of "performance anxiety," nervousness about being able to be or do what your girlfriend wants sexually.  It's unlikely that anything physical has changed this rapidly, and therefore there is probably little reason for concern. You may want to try taking a couple of weeks off from sexual contact to get your nervousness under control again, and you may also wish to talk to your partner about your anxieties. Sometimes a little reassurance, especially in the early part of a relationship, is all that's needed. You may also want to be a little more spontaneous with your sexual encounters and not expect yourself to get and maintain and erection for long periods of time. Once you have a few satisfying encounters, the anxiety usually disappears and you will only occasionally have problems getting an erection, which is totally normal.

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