Erectile Dysfunction? You might have Peyronie's Disease

Health Writer

There's a certain physical condition associated with ED that isn't talked about a whole lot.   It's called Peyronie's Disease and it typically presents with plaque or a hard lump that develops on the upper or lower side of the penis in the layers that contain the tissue that helps to form an erection.   It can start as an inflammation and ultimately develop into a hardened scar.   The symptoms can come on slowly or suddenly and clearly one of the outcomes can be reduced flexibility of the penis, pain and a shortened penis when fully erect.   The way the penis physically looks can also make a person feel ashamed, and it can also make fully pleasurable and successful sexual intercourse, nearly impossible.

So the idea is to be aware if the disease is happening due to a predisposition (family history or genetic), infection, vascular problems, as a side effect from certain medications, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.   If it remains untreated - you will have serious, ongoing ED.   The possible treatments??

  • Watch and wait giving vitamin E if it does continue to evolve (older approach)
  • Inject chemicals that break up the plaque and the stricture
  • Surgery, which can have a negative outcome (permanent ED)
  • A new device called the andropenis (from Andromedical, a Spanish medical company) that provides traction on the penis (only when flaccid) to help slowly break the stricture and return the penis to a more normal length. On average patients see a 70% improvement in about 6-7 months of correct usage.

For more information on this option, check out   Always talk to your own physician before seeking other medical opinions or use your own doctor for a follow up opinion before trying relatively new treatments.