Erectile Problems Linked to Diabetes

Middle-age men with erectile dysfunction have double the risk of having type 2 diabetes without knowing it, suggests new research published in the Annals of Family Medicine.

An analysis of the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that during the years 2001 to 2004, for men between the ages of 40 to 59 who said they were “never” or only “sometimes” able to maintain an erection, one in 10 had undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.

There also was a correlation between erectile dysfunction and undiagnosed high blood pressure, but it was not found to be statistically significant. No link was found between erectile dysfunction and undiagnosed high cholesterol.

The study suggests that men with erectile dysfunction should get additional screenings to check for other possible health problems, such as diabetes.

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Sourced from: The New York Times, Erectile Problems Tied to Diabetes