Every minute of exercise counts

Briefly engaging in exercise can still have significant health benefits, even if it’s only for less than ten minutes, according to a new study published this week.

Researchers from the University of Utah found that when it comes to preventing weight gain, the intensity of the activity matters more than the duration.

The new study involved more than 4,500 male and female participants between ages 18 and 64. Participants wore accelerometers for a week, after which researchers reviewed the physical activity results and ranked them into categories based on duration and intensity.

Findings showed that for every extra minute of higher-intensity exercise, chances of being obese decreased by 5% for women and 2% for men.

Adding just one minute of intense exercise a day can help people with an average body mass index (BMI) lose up to half a pound, researchers said.

Vigorous intensity exercise includes activities during which your heart rate increases to a point where you are not able to talk much without pausing for breath.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Weight control: every minute of brisk exercise counts