Can Everybody Near Me Could Hear My Thoughts?


Asked by adrianZ

Can Everybody Near Me Could Hear My Thoughts?

I feel like everybody who is near me can hear my thoughts clearly and I can't figure out why and how. I think there must be something wrong—I must be paranoid, right? I have been taking Risperidone for 5 years, but I'm still very paranoid about peolpe hearing my thoughts. What should I do?


I feel for what you're going through, as I, too, feel others know what I'm thinking, Though I do realize that in no way can they mind read, it still grips me that they know what I'm thinking. This is a common thing that happens when someone has schizophrenia. In fact, about 40 percent of people with schizophrenia have the paranoid element.

Rest assured that as Chris responded to you earlier, your doc should be able to work with you to either adjust the meds, or change them, if he or she feels that would alleviate your distress. Anxiety can also lend to paranoia, so try eliminating anything that would cause you extra anxiety or stress.

Lastly, otherwise you seem to be doing fine [though of course you haven't told us about anything else that may be happening] so give yourself credit for living with this illness and dealing with it the best you can.

My philosophy is, if you don't have to live with a symptom, why should you live with it?   So work with your doctor to find the best, most effective drug to counteract the what's going on.

Answered by Christina Bruni