Evista Vs. Fosamax


Asked by Norma

Evista Vs. Fosamax

How do they compare in terms of effectiveness for osteopenia and with the possibility of causing fractures and would taking Calcium supplements be as good as either of these drugs.


Hi Norma, Evista is a totally different type of medication from Fosamax. It doesn't cause spontaneous fractures. Here's a link that describes Evista which is a SERM and not a bisphosphonate like Fosamax. I take Evista and haven't had any problems. If you have any trouble with blood clots, then you may not be able to take it. If you are going to have prolonged bed rest you need to stop taking it until you are back on your feet. Also, if you plan on flying following the instructions for that as well since you have to stop taking it a couple of days before an air-flight.

It's really hard to say if calcium alone would be enough to stop or slow bone loss. It will help, but it depends on how low your t-scores are and how you react to calcium. If you are in the osteopenia range that is close to normal it might be possible for calcium to be enough for treatment, but you won't know until you try it, and don't forget your vitamin D requirements (1,000 IU's) for those over 50. Some expert D researchers believe this dose is way to low, so discuss it with your Dr. and see what your 25 (OH) D level (blood test) is to see how much you need to take. You also need to incorporate weight bearing exercise, as well for the supplements to work.

Good luck with this and I hope you find something that will work for you.

Answered by Pam Flores