Examples Of Gout In Index Finger Joints


Asked by Tom Ahern

Examples Of Gout In Index Finger Joints

I suffered from gout before they prescribed Allopurinol. Nowadays, it rarely affects me and I cannot remember when I had the last attack. Last night I woke with pins and needles in right hand. I massaged the hand until circulation was restored. However I had severe pain in my little finger especially around the mid joint. This pain is still there some 6 hours later. Can it be gout ?

Tom Ahern.


You would have to see a doctor to be sure. Gout can show up in a number of joints as well as the toes. Gout is usually associated, though, with warmth and swelling and a reddish/purplish color around the affected joint and pins and needles are not common symptoms, but it often strikes during the night which happened with you.

If your symptoms continue be sure to check this out with your physician and get a jump on what's going on. Good luck!

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