Excessive Fluids During Sex


Asked by frank

Excessive Fluids During Sex

my girlfriend seems to have a problem with her vaginal muscles, we meet once every month and every time we have sex her vagina is so wide like we have been having sex everyday, onother problem is that she produces a lot of fluids during sex and this makes matters even worse, at some point we will fight because i thought she was cheating on me but she told me i should trust her..i need your help


Hello Frank

Well I have to tell you that when you are having sex is not the time to be talking about trust issues. I agree with your girlfriend...either you trust her or you don't. Constantly conjuring up things to worry about as signs of her cheating is no way to build the relationship.

You say you only see her once a month? I think the best thing you can do is to see her more often! Is this possible?

Your girlfriend's vaginal muscles or the amount of lubrication she produces has absolutely nothing to do with some sign she is cheating on you. In fact...the more lubrication means that she is enjoying the time with you.

Have some honest and open communication with your girlfriend and discuss your lack of trust and where it may be coming from. Unless you get a grip on these trust issues I predict that the relationship won't last.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me