Excessive Sweating On Head, Face, Neck & Upper Body, Usually Caused By Effort In A Warm Or Hot Envir


Asked by Rob S.A.

Excessive Sweating On Head, Face, Neck & Upper Body, Usually Caused By Effort In A Warm Or Hot Envir


I am a cured iv abuser, with Hep C. I destroyed most of the superficial veins, by injecting crushed diconal tablets mixed with water. Over previous 35 yrs, smoked heavily, including the "bong" meathod for cannabis, smoked crushed Mandrax tablets , also known as qualude, containing methaquelone. Since stopping IV use in 1990, started smoking cocaine {free-basing} for a few years. Quit all substances, incl smoking 7 yrs ago. Permanently stopped any form of alcohol intake 2-3 years ago.

I suffer from chronic leg-ulcers, and have used serious opiate analgesics in the past. These were also addictive and damageing the stomach & personality. Now I only use 1 or 2 grams of paracetamol per day.

When I'm doing any demanding physical activity (I work as an electrician), in a warm or hot environment I sweat profusely. Most of my co-workers or other people doing a similar thing in same place, are not even warm. Once I have started sweating, it takes up to 2 hours to stop, even if I cease the activity, and/or go to a cooler/ventilated environment. I need to keep large tea-towels handy at all times. I also have a huge fan (24-inch diameter) which I sometimes use to just minimise the sweat problem.

I know the background is very complex. I only have "mild" scarring of the liver. I am not on a HEpatatis treatment programme, for fears that the interferon drug may affect the the leg-ulcers from healing.

Can you help me?

Robert, aged 56.


Hi Rob, As you may know, excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, may be linked to Hepatitis C. This really isn't my area of expertise, but I did some searching and found a few treatment options for hyperhidrosis. Of course, especially since you have Hep C, I'd recommend talking with your doctor before trying any kind of treatment. Here are a couple of links with info about hyperhidrosis. The second one has quite a few articles and suggests some natural treatments as well.

Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis Web site

I have a good friend who has Hep C. He didn't want to do the interferon treatments, so he began researching other options. He's been doing a combination of things that include taking milk thistle and a special combination of herbs. The results have been amazing. In just a very few months his viral load went from 50 million down to 2 million. And all of his symptoms have gone away. His doctors can't figure it out, but they told him to keep doing what he's been doing. If you're interested in more details about what he's doing, let me know and I'll be glad to get the info from him.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards