Exercise Beats Dieting for Women

For women trying to reduce calorie intake, a study from Loughborough University in the U.K. makes it clear that the way to go is to get going.

The researchers first asked women to restrict their diet by a little over 800 calories for 8 hours. After that period, they were invited to eat freely at a buffet where researchers secretly measured what they consumed.

In the second part of the study, the women were requested to burn those same 800 or so calories with about 90 minutes of moderate exercise. The women were again presented with a buffet and unknowingly monitored.

Participants ate 944 calories on average at the buffet when they restricted their diets, compared with 660 after exercising. The study team found that limiting the amount of food caused a spike in the hunger hormone ghrelin and a drop in levels petitide YY, which suppresses hunger.

These findings contradict previous evidence which indicated that exercise makes people -- and particularly women -- eat more. The next step is to determine if the reduced calorie intake that resulted from exercise will last beyond the first day.

Sourced from: Independent, Exercising 'better than dieting for cutting calories' study finds