Exercise boosts brain function in young adults

Need more motivation to stick to your New Year’s Resolution of exercising more? Here’s one: more exercise may improve your brain function.

Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand recruited 52 healthy female university students between the ages of 18 to 30 and asked them to complete a range of cognitive tests while they measured their oxygen availability in the frontal lobe of their brain. They were also asked how often they exercised.

Researchers found that the young women who exercised regularly had higher oxygen availability in the frontal lobe of the brain and performed the best on the cognitive exercises when compared to the women who exercised less. They also found that body mass index was not a significant indicator in how well the women performed the tasks, which suggests that regular exercise may be more important than body weight.

These findings show the importance of regularly instituting physical education programs in young people to boost their educational abilities.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Exercise improves brain function in young adults