Exersice & Heat Induced Migranes


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Exersice & Heat Induced Migranes

I have been having heat and exercise induced migranes. Otherwise, they have been under control for the last 6 months. I am on Noratriptyline, Metaphoral ( Beta Blocker), and cont. Birth control. ( I dont produce estrogen on my own, and it made the headaches unbearable to come off of the B.C. for the 5 months we tried it. Awful. Anyway, I have been doing well, until this summer. It has been VERY hot where I live, and anytime I go out, I get a headache. The neruo( she is a headache specilist suggested my this sight) said besides not going out ( which only works for so long, bc I work) and staying hydrated, which I am VERY hydrated, to the point my bathroom breaks are annoying my co workers.

Any ideas on this, anyone found something that works?

Another issue- I have started exercising again, and everytime I am being stricken with horrid migranes within 2-3 hours of the exercise. I had one after the gym on Monday until wed. morning. The neuro told me to take 2 aleive 30 minutes before going to the gym. I tried on yesterday, since I do not take aleive, I wanted to take the lowest effective dose, so I thought I would try one first... didnt really do much, except the headache went away today instead of on the 3rd day. Any suggestions?

I have gained 40 lbs from the noratriptyline, and I need to lose 10-15 of it. It has put me slightly above the good weight zone for me. I wanted to gain about 15 or so, my frequent migranes last fall and my disaster with topamax casued me to lose 25 lbs. I am kinda at my wits end iwth the exercise, its hard for me to motivate myself to go to the gym in the first place... it casuing migranes isn't helping. Anyone out there suffering with the same thing and found something that works for them?


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It's hard to manage heat as a Migraine trigger. Some people find that putting a cold, damp cloth around their necks before going out in the heat helps. You can wet a cloth, wring it out as much as you can, put it in a plastic bag, and stick it in your freezer. Of course, it's not going to stay cold very long, but it can at least help with getting from one place to another.

Exercise triggered Migraines aren't easy either, but probably easier to manage that those triggered by heat. I know you've talked with your doctor. Take a look at this from our Ask the Clinician column, Preventing exercise triggered Migraines?

Exercise is good for overall health, and being healtier can mean being less susceptible to our triggers. So, that's reason to exercise in addition to the weight gain from amitriptyline. As for that, talk with your doctor about alternatives to the amitriptyline. Topamax often has the side effect of weight loss. Amitriptyline is well known for the side effect of weight gain. There are preventive options that are more weight neutral. You can find a list of potential preventives in Migraine preventive medications, too many options to give up!

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Answered by Teri Robert