Extended Chest Pain With Muscle Pain


Asked by danclar

Extended Chest Pain With Muscle Pain

No physician can figure out why I get a severely aching chest that can last for days, initially beginning in the center of my chest and can spread down to my rib cage, upper arms and sometimes my back. I often feel like I've been run over by a truck, my muscles ache so much. But initially, before the muscle involvement kicks in, the pain feels exactly as that of a classic heart attack (and I've been to the ER several times when this first started).

It usually begins while I'm sleeping. I've had a full cardiac workup including an angiogram. I do have Barrett's Esophagus, stable for many years, gastric reflux helped immensely by treatment, and high cholesterol that is being treated as well.

The chest pain comes every few months and lasts for several days to a week, then disappears.




What a bothersome problem--it sounds really uncomfortable. It's worth getting a second (or third) opinion on this problem since it starts in the chest. We tend to recommend that anyone with chest-related pain seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Since the pain begins while you're sleeping it may be that the way you lay or the way you move during sleep is leading to spinal misalignment or to muscle problems. While you're waiting to see your doctor you might see if yoga or light stretching helps relieve some of the pressure.