Extreme Fatigue After A Tooth Extraction? Normal Or Not?


Asked by MariG

Extreme Fatigue After A Tooth Extraction? Normal Or Not?

Tooth extracted yesterday and today my neck, back, and shoulders are so sore....it hurts so bad. The extracted area isn't hurting so much any more. I was wondering if it's normal to feel extremely exhausted? I usually am tired since I have Fibro and CFS but this seems have brought on the fatigue to a different level. I'm having a hard time staying focused at work and I can't keep my eyes open. Is this normal? Please share some of your dental expeiriences with me. I still have 3 more teeth that need to be extracted and one filling. I don't know if I can do it. Thanks for any help.


No it's not normal but then again you have fibro/CFS and a lot is not normal in those disorders. It could be the anesthesia - did they put you under or use different kinds of anesthesia?

Some people with CFS react very poorly to anesthesia. If this is due to anesthesia getting a saline IV could do wonders for you. If that works you might trying getting a saline IV before and after your next extractions.

Good luck!

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