Extreme Fatigue After A Tooth Extraction? Normal Or Not?


Asked by MariG

Extreme Fatigue After A Tooth Extraction? Normal Or Not?

Tooth extracted yesterday and today my neck, back, and shoulders are so sore....it hurts so bad. The extracted area isn't hurting so much any more. I was wondering if it's normal to feel extremely exhausted? I usually am tired since I have Fibro and CFS but this seems have brought on the fatigue to a different level. I'm having a hard time staying focused at work and I can't keep my eyes open. Is this normal? Please share some of your dental expeiriences with me. I still have 3 more teeth that need to be extracted and one filling. I don't know if I can do it. Thanks for any help.


No it's not normal but then again you have fibro/CFS and alot is not normal in those disorders. It could be the anesthesia - did they put you under or use different kinds of anesthesia?

Some people with CFS react very poorly to anesthesia. (Click here to get information on anesthesia and CFS.) If this is due to anesthesia getting a saline IV could do wonders for you. If that works you might trying getting a saline IV before and after your next extractions.

Good luck!

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