Extreme Sharp Pains In Both Groin Areas,front Of Legs And Hips.


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Extreme Sharp Pains In Both Groin Areas,front Of Legs And Hips.

I have extremely sharp pains in my groin area, the front of my legs, and my hips. The stabbing pains started gradually in one groin and has spread to both legs to the point that I only have about 5% mobility in the left leg. To move my legs at all is excruciating. X-rays, bone scans, and a CT scans are all normal. I am using a walker to steady myself and I am not able to put my legs together because the pain is too intense. I would surely appreciate any ideas or experiences people may have had like mine to help solve this mystery. I am having to take 20 mg morphine every three hours and that barely touches the pain. Thank you.


X-rays, bone scans, and CT scans are great for looking at bones. But, maybe your problem of groin and upper leg pain is related to muscles or nerves? The best test to look for muscle or nerve problems is an electodiagnostic study that is usually preformed by a neurologist or rehabilitation specialist. This test measures the responses of the nerves and measures the muscles electrical activity. This test is not 100% accurate, but it might get you in the right direction towards a solution.

Many types of blood test might also be helpful like the sedimentation rate (ESR) or the c-reactive protein. Certain vitamin levels and an overall blood panel might also give some important pieces to your puzzle.

Keep working with your doctor and eventually this puzzle will be solved.

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Answered by Christina Lasich, MD