Extremely High Ck Levels


Asked by stuckinbed256

Extremely High Ck Levels

So I am currently in the hospital. I came to the hospital because my pee turned brown suggesting I was peeing blood. I have exertional rhabdomyolysis which comes with elevated CK levels. I got this because I jumped into a pretty hard exercise routine for 3 days without doing any exercise for a couple months. I started out 2 days ago with a ck level of 94,000, the next day it was 64,000, and now today its back up to 97,000. Why is it going back up? I feel completely fine, my pee is back to normal and they are only pumping me with loads of IV fluids to flush my system. Muscle soreness has gone from an 8 in pain to a 1. I want to go home. Are IV fluids the only treatment? If so can I just go home and drink tons of water and gatorade and sit on my couch like I would be doing here? Doctors said my kidneys are fine. Are there risks associated with high CK levels? Only thing I can find is that they are used as a diagnostic test, not necessarily harmful to me.


They will probably want to keep you in the hospital until your CK levels go down because high levels can put a strain on the kidneys and they want to keep them healthy. (One of the main goals of treating rhabdomyolysis is ensuring that your kidneys stay healthy. Kidney injury can be quite dangerous.) You can have exertional rhabdomyolysis without muscle soreness and while it usually takes a couple of days to come down I saw a case on the internet where it took 12 days.