Eye test may show MS worsening

Measuring the progress of multiple sclerosis may be as simple as taking a brief eye exam in your doctor’s office.  Research done at the Johns Hopkins MS Center and published in the journal Neurology found that patients with MS relapses were 42 percent more likely to have thinning retinas than MS patients with no relapses.  A rapidly thinning retina was also observed in new MS patients, patients who had more gadolimium-enhancing lesions, patients who had new T2 lesions, and patients whose level of disability had become worse due to MS.

Researchers suggest that as new therapies designed to slow the progress of MS come into use, testing the retinal thinning of the eyes may be a good way to measure how effective those therapies are.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Eyes May Reveal Multiple Sclerosis Progression