My Eyes And Lips Are Swollen. Is This Allergy?


Asked by lezah

My Eyes And Lips Are Swollen. Is This Allergy?


my eyes and upper lip are swollen. i dont remember eating unsual today. is this allergy? what is the best medicine for this?


Hi Lezah,

This certainly sounds as though it could be some type of allergy, or at least the lips/eyes swelling could be allergy symptoms. Impossible to diagnose you here, though. I would encourage you to consult with your doctor, both for a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

It's important to understand that food allergies can develop at any time, even to foods that have never been a problem for you in the past. Sometimes such allergies come on slowly, while at other times, they hit you like freight train from the first incidence. There's really no way to predict. I have to tell you, though, that eye swelling is NOT a typical food allergy symptom, though it can be a symptom of some other type of allergy.

I really think you need a doctor to examine you to evaluate what may be going on. Anything from this end is purely a guess.

To your health,


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton