Fainting/passing Out Is This A Relapes? Over Doing It? Or?


Asked by Jan Robinson

Fainting/passing Out Is This A Relapes? Over Doing It? Or?

Last night, i was feeling very tired and started feeling really ill, hot, wozzy
,faint, my hubby took me to the bed and put the fan on me ,The next i knew i was
on the floor with my hubby holding me and my daughter rushing off to get a cold
flannel which my hubby put on my head,face legs ect, After being on the floor
for a while ,i just wanted to go to bed. but on getting me up, i found i had wet
myself.I had to get to the bathroom with help as i had to wash myself and change
my nightie. Could this be cos i over done it? Or a relapes?
Can anyone help me on this one? Have you had it? Love Jan x


Hi Jan,

Of course I do not know because I am not a doctor. From your description, it sounds as if you may have been overheated or extra tired. It is a relapse when it lasts at least 24 hours. I hope you slept well after all of the unpleasant activity. Wasn't it nice the way your husband and daughter were able to help. Families are good like that sometimes. If it happens again, or lasts a long time, call your doctor. There may be some treatment to help you feel better. Good luck.

Answered by Vicki